Training & Consultancy

The New Children’s pathways team deliver training and consultancy in the field of Health & Social Work.


New Children’s Pathways aims to work in collaboration with organisations who commission us, in order to develop change that can be sustained by practitioners long after our associates have finished their work. We bring years of experience not just in training but in a range of professional settings; our models are not ‘branded’ or ‘licensed’ because we believe that practice evolves over time through the professional community collaborating together to build on established ideas and approaches.

We know that bringing in “the experts” to deliver short training programmes may result in practitioners feeling that they have been “told what to do” rather than owning the ideas and having time to try out the skills that have been taught and make them their own.

Our single and multi-agency training delivers high quality, cost effective training designed to suit your requirements and budget. By listening to and understanding our customers’ requirements, we are able to use that knowledge to develop training courses tailored to your needs.

We work with you to share and develop ideas, suggest relevant aims and outcomes which take account of current national/international context, and ensure that our training is flexible and adaptable. Our excellent track record, working with multi-agency organisations nationwide, equips us with the ability to anticipate challenges, requirements, opportunities and constraints faced daily by our customers.

A range of relevant training methods are used. Our training:

  • integrates agency policy and procedures
  • promotes anti-oppressive practice
  • delivers up-to-date research, practice and knowledge
  • takes place within a context where everyone feels safe to learn.

If you have a training need or wish to develop staff/volunteers/carers, do not hesitate to reach out to our training co-ordinator at


New Adult Pathways offer a creative range of interventions including the use of coaching and/or mentoring. These can either be linked to traditional classroom-based learning or as standalone interventions to develop managers and staff.

Both strategies involve the use of one-to-one discussions to develop and enhance an individual’s professional work-based skills, knowledge or work performance. Strengths based, motivational techniques are used with similar models and skills of questioning, listening, clarifying and reframing to support others to identify and develop their role and professional identity. Both approaches allow for genuine Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Mentoring is often associated more with same profession type role modelling whereby a more experienced and confident worker or manager helps the less experienced learn and develop – often making good use of their own career journey and sharing examples of practice wisdom.

Coaching is more normally, short term goal focused work, often with the intention of helping someone change direction or improve workplace performance.

Both coaching and mentoring require development of close but professional trusting relationships whereby the recipient can learn and decide on what areas of their work / career they wish to develop and improve.

New Children’s Pathways associates are qualified and experienced in this field of personal to professional development in the workplace. Since this area of work is always tailored to specific requirement. If you have a training need or wish to develop your staff, do not hesitate to reach out to our training co-ordinator at